Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HILT Cover Art

This is the cover for Hilt. I spent quite a bit of time getting the composition right. I had initially intended for a more straight on composition with the warrior at the bottom of the piece looking back at the avalanche of knights chasing her, but decided against this because you wouldn't be able to see her face. As such I went for this more kinetic image.

Having settled on a composition the next step was to do the pencilling. I spent a lot of time on this step with the intention of skipping the inking stage and using the pencil scan as the inks. Unfortunately the scan I got was not suitable straight up for the final art and so a fair bit of tidying up was required.

Once the 'inks' were done it was on to the colour and background. This part of the process is great fun as the image comes together. The final act was to increase the size of the warrior herself. This really helped make the image more immersing by exaggerating the depth. Finally, the arrow was added and puts the icing on the action.

Prints of this cover will be available from my table in Artist's Alley at the Brisbane Supanova this weekend. I will be at Pete & Nick's Art Nuggets booth (booth L2) in Artist's Alley.

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